Mafalda Borea

20th September 2019
Symbols of Jingsu heather

New Readings in Jiangsu Symbols

In terms of cultural heritage, the Great Wall is often most associated with and representative of China. What about cultural symbols for the eastern province of Jiangsu? This new series […]
15th July 2019
Silk Road sign

Macclesfield Mulls Silk Expectations

It is universally acknowledged that the Silk Road has originated somewhere in eastern China. But where does it end in the West? A consensus is emerging that the western end […]
28th May 2019
President Xi Jinping with President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Beijing April 2019

The Portuguese Connection

Portugal hasn’t enjoyed as much limelight as Italy since Rome signed up to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in late March 2019, making Italy the first G7 country to […]
12th April 2019
China port

China’s Economic Future

Trade war or not, China has been in the headlines more than ever in recent months, after 40 years of economic reform and growth. The world’s number two economy now […]