China Makes Agriculture Top Priority

By China Report

On February 1, the Chinese government issued its first work guideline of the year, generally known as the “No. 1” document, focusing on agricultural issues.

Compared with last year’s document, the 2015 edition emphasizes an intention to deepen reforms and innovation in agricultural development, exploring new agricultural growth through scaled production and optimization of industrial structures.

In order to achieve these targets, the document proposes to develop multiple and diverse production methods based on regional geography and conditions, establish a batch of prestige brands, and promote reform of land transfers to protect the rights and interests of farmers.

Given that the government has pledged to attain a “new normal state of economic development” prioritizing quality over quantity, the document also puts heavy importance on ecological protection, warning against the misuse of fertilizers and pesticides, as well as over-development of land and water resources.

According to media reports, China has made agricultural issues its top priority for the past 12 years. Analysts say that rising agricultural costs have made it impossible for China to stimulate agricultural development with financial support alone, and that it would be more effective to further activate the market by introducing new technologies and promoting supporting industries and services related to agriculture.

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