Echoes of Silk Road 丝路回响海报设计赛

By Silk Road Poster Team

On the first anniversary of the International Forum on the Belt and Road Initiative, Foremost 4 Media has teamed up with the UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education (UKAPCE) and Creative Time Media to hold the Infinox Cup “Echoes of Silk Road” Chinese Poster Design UK Competition, as part of the Sino-British Talent Contest for Children. Famous artists and designers have lent their support to serve on the panel of judges for the competition. China Art Weekly has provided strong support to give the event an extra dimension.

Upon strong requests from schools and parents, the deadline for artwork submission has been extended to the 10th June.

Updated details of the competition can be downloaded here: 中文海报设计大赛SBCTC2018 Detail updates

The ancient silk road opened the flow of trade as well as the exchange of cultures, and the contemporary Belt and Road Initiative is hoping to engender new exchanges of goods and services and to foster a shared community where different cultures are respected.

The competition is open to all students in currently enrolled in Chinese schools and learners of Chinese in primary and secondary schools across the British Isles.

The participating design should be
1. A Chinese poster, with Chinese characters and graphic forms
2. Format: A4 portrait style
3. Hand-drawn or digitally produced
4. Inspired or centred round the theme of Silk Road, be it the history, historical figures, historical story of the ancient Silk Road, or the construction, and cross-cultural exchanges in the contemporary Belt and Road Initiative, cross-cultural communication, and the future of Silk Road
5. Design and completed independently by the participating candidate, with advice and technical help from the teacher, the parents or guardians, but no hands-on help please. The panel reserves the right to ascertain the authenticity of entry.

1. Scan copy of original work and keep the original safe.
Candidate whose mother tongue is Chinese, please email to
Candidate whose mother tongue is NOT Chinese, please email to
2. In the email body, the following information must be included (for competition purpose only)
1) Full name (in English and Chinese – if available)
2) Date of birth
3) Current Chinese School or local mainstream school (whichever is organising to join this competition)
4) Advising/art teacher
5) Parent/guardian contact number

• Late May – 10 June: Submission and preliminary selection, deadline: 24:00 10th June 2018
• 13-18 June: popular voting, via Wechat and Facebook special pages, entries gaining enough votes will enter the next stage of the competition
• 20-21 June: Panel review – in deciding the final prize-winners, popular vote will account for 20% of marks while the panel’s vote will carry 80% weight.
• 24th June: Grand award ceremony in London

Mandarin mother-tongue candidates will be divided into two groups, under 7s (birdthday after 1 May 2011) and over 7s up to 18. Non-mother-tongue candidates as one group. Prizes for each group – 1x first, 2x second, 3x third, and 3x entries with most popular votes. There are separate prizes for the schools to organise the most participants, and prizes for teachers who have fielded the most winning candidates. Prizes include:
1) return flight tickets (economy exc. taxes) London to Xi’an,
2) topped-up SIM card with dual numbers for UK, China or Hong Kong,
3) some cash prizes,
4) Book of album for winning entries
5) China Report magazine subscription

Looking forward to lots and lots of creative designs, and to meeting the winners in London in June!

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