5th July 2015

Global Scope, Local Priorities

In its latest defence white paper, China envisions greater military capability and a global role for the PLA In the past couple of decades, China’s defence policy has been a […]
2nd July 2015

Private Power

Despite unabated political tension, cultural exchanges between China and Japan have increased in recent months. These ties are expected to help ease diplomatic strain A 3,000-member Japanese delegation of tourism […]
24th June 2015

An Asian Century?

Amid border disputes and a strategic rivalry, China and India seek to improve economic ties and develop mutual trust “India is ready for business,” Narendra Modi told a group of […]
26th May 2015

All In

The private sector, including businesses and non-profit organisations, is expected to set the tone of One Belt, One Road On May 10, 2015, International Mother’s Day, China’s central bank declared […]