The Pioneering Spirit for Innova Press

By Cai Jianfeng, President of FLTRP, Beijing

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning!

First of all, on behalf of FLTRP, I would like to express our genuine gratitude and a very warm welcome to everyone!

Thank you for attending the launch of Innova Press Limited, co-founded by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Hujiang Education and Technology (Shanghai) Corporation Limited and New Oriental Education and Technology Group. As my colleague Fan Xiaohong has just revealed, Innova is a blossom after a long period of nourishment. As one of the gardeners, FLTRP looks forward to her blooming in due course.

For the past 38 years, FLTRP has specialised in foreign language publishing with a global view. Our products cater to the social needs of high-quality reading and education. Dedicated to becoming “the most internationalised Chinese publisher”, FLTRP has taken an active part in the ‘going global’ strategy, initiated and supported by the Chinese government.

Back in 2014, we set up FLTRP (UK) Limited, our first wholly-owned overseas subsidiary. In 2015, we co-founded the FLTRP-OBU Confucius Institute at Oxford Brooks University, which was the first Confucius Institute co-established by a Chinese publishing company. In 2016, FLTRP co-established a China-theme editorial department with Iztoks-Zapad Publishers in Bulgaria, also the first of its kind in the publishing industry. Meanwhile, FLTRP has cooperated with 36 “Belt and Road” countries in more than 100 publishing and/or cultural projects.

Pioneering Spirit

FLTRP takes a pragmatic learning attitude and displays pioneering spirits in the face of change. In 2014, we co-founded Fifedu Education & Technology Limited with iFlytek, which provides cloud-based learning platform and online educational service for educational institutions, with iFlytek, a leading enterprise specialising in artificial intelligence. In 2016, FLTRP explored digital reading business by purchasing the shares of iReader, which specialises in providing digital reading service. Our current collaboration with New Oriental and Hujiang represents a leap further in FLTRP’s quest for constant learning and innovative cooperation.

We could not have made such achievements without the support of relevant organisations and people, including the Import Management Division under the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Beijing Foreign Study University represented by President Peng Long, Vice President of China Publishing Association and former FLTRP President Li Pengyi, the British Embassy, Mr. Tan Tat Chu, Mr, Tan Khin Hong, and Mr. Ian Taylor. For the launch of Innova, of course, I would like to thank Mr. Yu Minhong and Mr. Fu Cairui for your trust and efficient cooperation.

“A thousand-li journey begins with the first step.” As we launch Innova Press Limited today, let’s work even more closely together for its bright future!

Thank you all for your presence!

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